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Moving… March 9, 2011

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Not physically, of course.  But we’re moving our blog over to the Overjoyed Photography website.  We thought it would help to simplify things a bit.  So from now on, we’ll be posting not only our portrait sessions and weddings there, but also shots of our personal lives and our personal projects.  And for those of you that checked both before, now you can kill two birds with one stone.


Under Construction! February 24, 2011

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We’ve been doing a lot of repainting and rearranging on our second floor. We’ll post pictures of the new and improved 2nd floor soon. Ellie wanted to help out too!

I wanna help!

C'mon, just give me a paintbrush, and I'll show you what my paintin' paws can do!


Mountain Trip February 17, 2011

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Last weekend we went up to the mountains with friends from our Bible study.  Matt’s parents have a house up in Bradford County (in northern PA, near the NY border), so he and his wife, Jamie, invited a group of people up to spend the weekend with them and their baby, Caleb.  On Saturday, Matt took us on a two hour hike around the property.  There was probably between a foot and 18 inches of snow on the ground (and more in some places), and it was snowing pretty hard again when we started the hike.  It was a great trip, though, and we had a very relaxing weekend, with lots of hot cocoa and board games.  :-)

The latest addition to the Leatherman family!

When we first started the hike, it was snowing pretty hard. (It had already lighten up a lot at this point.)


An action shot of Matt's snowball hitting the tree.


Matt punching through a chunk of ice.

This was where the hike started to get a little steep.

The snow was up to our knees (and higher) at places, and it was covered with a couple inches of ice, so sometimes you could stay on top, and sometimes you fell through.


A deer stand. Or a tree house. You decide.

The wind picked up as we were getting back close to the house.


Snowboarding didn't work so well...


Mmmm…. February 5, 2011

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Fresh out of the oven.  With Andes baking chips.  :-)


Snowy Hike! January 30, 2011

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Philly got 15 inches of snow this past week! I like snow, but I liked it a whole lot better before I got a job that does not have snow days. I had to walk to work Thursday morning (about 2 miles) through the snow, and Jay was a very sweet husband who walked with me at 5:45am. We decided to go to one of our favorite parks, Wissahickon Park, today for a snowy hike. It was a sunny, warm(er) January day and we had a grand time!

Ready to go exploring!

The stare down...

Some awesome icicles.

C'mon guys, stop taking pictures and hurry up!

Can you tell that we're 'snow' in love....

Family picture take one...

... and take 2. The wind blew and snow got dumped on our head from a branch above us. I love how Ellie and I have the same expression on our faces!

Ellie's newest trick... She just learned to roll over.


Miscellanea January 27, 2011

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I just wanted to post an assortment of recent shots.  The first three were from the last roll I shot on my Holga, and the last couple are just around the house.  Stay tuned for a bunch more photos from around the house…  We’re currently in the process of doing a lot of painting, rearranging, and redecorating.  No promises on how soon pics will be up though…

This may be my favorite Holga photo I've taken. This is our friend James, and it was taken on a New Year's hike in Wissahickon with Kerith, James, and his wife Kate.

Yes. Yes, it does.

The bonsai tree (a Chinese elm) that Kerith gave me for Christmas. :-)

And a candle holder on our dining room wall that we decided looked better with clementines than with candles.


Walnut Street Fire January 21, 2011

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On January 10, there was a five-alarm fire in an apartment building about two blocks from our house. The fire started around 2:30 pm, and even with about 160 firemen there it wasn’t declared under control until about 7:30 pm.  The next morning at about 7 am, there were still several fire trucks there.  Because it was about 20 degrees, when Kerith and I walked by the next day, pretty much everything around the building (cars, fences, trees, a bike rack) was encased in a thick layer of ice.

Fortunately there were no injuries in the fire, but the building was pretty much destroyed, and 89 families were displaced.  The American Red Cross is accepting donations for these families.

This was taken from the window of our house. The vignetting is, unfortunately, the result of using a lens that wasn't designed for my camera...


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